Exploring The Health And Life Benefits Of Qigong

The ancient Chinese art of Qigong is becoming more commonplace than ever before. More and more people are turning to this ancient practice for reasons of feeling healthier, healing medical issues, connecting the mind and the body and to realize the power of universal Qi that runs through everyone and everything. Experiencing the connection of your mind and body to the universal life energy flow is important to experience wholeness and healing of oneself. Performing any style of Qigong correctly will help you to feel the Qi flowing through your body, through the proper Jingluo channels for nourishing and healing your body.

What Is Qigong And How Can It Benefit You?

Qigong, pronounced as chi gong or chi kung, has been around for thousands of years. In recent years, more traditional medical doctors and practitioners are beginning to realize its abilities to heal. In many cases, Qigong allows someone to heal another person without ever touching them. Directing the flow of life energy is a deep concept of Qigong and can be used by anyone to enlighten their mind and body as a whole.

For as long as Qigong has been in practice, it has been viewed as a type of health care maintenance system. Many people assume Qigong is a form of martial arts. However, you should know that Qigong incorporates movements from several forms of martial arts and from other alternative practices like yoga. Some aspects of Qigong allow you to learn how to breath while others help you to focus on the inner parts of you that require it the most. Your posture, your internal focus and breathing are combined for experiencing fantastic benefits of this ancient form of healing and Qi channeling.

Connecting Your Mind , Body and Soul For Optimal Health

Spring Forest Qigong is growing in popularity due to anyone of any age in most any physical shape being able to perform it. The benefits of Spring Forest Qigong are great and can allow your mind, body and soul to be one. Without this important connection in life, the human body experiences illness and a general overall feeling of irritability and moodiness. When the Qi, universal life energy, does not flow properly in the body, many kinds of disease and other health problems usually are the direct result. Learning the simple movements of Spring Forest Qigong can allow you to direct the Qi flowing in your body, promoting greater physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Many Qigong exercises are slow movements that focus on breathing and moving life force energy within your body. The most important aspect to learn about any Qigong exercise is how breathing is intricately linked to the movements and how each movement causes the correct directional flow of Qi. With daily practice, you can learn the correct breathing techniques for allowing the greatest benefit of energy flow to take place. Directing Qi into the right Jingluo for every level of nourishment and energy required by your body is an essential aspect of reaching your optimum levels of good health. Many teachers are available for you contact about learning the inner aspects of Qigong and how you can become well versed at this ancient, natural healing technique.

The Importance Of Reaching Inside Yourself

You have most likely heard a great many things about meditating and how it can change your life. You should know that Qigong meditation is an intricate part of learning how to direct the flow of Qi through your body and it allows you to better feel this movement as it follows along the right channels. In fact, many practitioners perform meditation before starting exercises for connecting the mind and body first.

Meditation is a special kind of connection that takes place in every movement you make during Qigong when you are focused in the right way. Closing your eyes and feeling the movement of Yin and Yang energies demonstrates this type of constant mediation. You may not realize you are in a meditative state while performing many of the exercises focusing on the movement, the gong, of the Qi running through you from the universe and back out to the end of the universe.

Several gentle exercises are perfect for beginners to learn Qigong and to experience the great health benefits it provides. Many videos online are available that can guide beginners through some basic gentle exercises for channeling energy and learning about the placement of the hands and even the tongue while performing each exercise. In most Qigong exercises, making sure your tongue stays on the roof your mouth is important. The reason for tongue placement is simply to keep that part of you from interrupting the flow of Qi during gong exercises. Unwanted, diseased energies are always expelled outwards and to the end of the universe during Qigong.

How Traditional Medicine Is Learning More From The Ancient Chinese Form Of Qigong

Researchers in China have conducted various studies about how Qigong affects the body and about its true level of positive healing as well. Many of these studies have been going on since the 1980’s, allowing a greater insight to the benefits on the human body through simple energy movement and meditative focus. Researchers have proven medically that Qigong does improve blood flow, thus increasing bone density, heart and brain functioning, better hormonal balances and greater vision.

The National Standard is a highly respected organization that conducts scientific reviews about alternative medical practices. In a study conducted alongside Harvard Medical School, evidence was found to support the benefits of yoga for reducing levels of anxiety and stress. The many aspects of medical Qigong that include aspects of yoga are important to consider when looking at this research study. The number of people today suffering from diseases related to stress and anxiety is phenomenal and sad. Millions of people worldwide dealing with modern day stress could benefit greatly from participating in Qigong healing exercises daily.

Learning Qigong is as simple as visiting online. You can start experiencing the benefits of this ancient Chinese form of healing anytime you wish. Check out the video below to find out how easy many of the exercises are while also feeling the movement of Qi inside you.

You can also experience the release of stress and anxiety while feeling the positive life energy moving through you. Through these initial exercises, your body can gain strength and greater immunity. These exercises can allow you to practice focus that will be important as you advance in your Qigong workouts. Keep in mind when doing any type of Qigong movement: always keep your finger apart. Keeping your fingers together will block the positive flow of Qi.

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