The Secret and The Law of Attraction

About the secret, the book and the movie

By now, just about everyone has probably at least heard of the secret. It is a book by author Rhonda Byrne, who has used the secret herself to achieve fame and fortune. It was copyrighted and first published in 2006 and, since then, literally millions have read the book and now multitudes have also seen the film on DVD by the same name.

How Rhonda discovered the secret and its historical past is introduced in this YouTube video below, as well as in the foreword of the book and the opening of the movie.

It is an engrossing story and involves not only Ms. Byrne but numerous great people throughout history such as Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton, Plato, Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and so many more ultra-successful people that there are actually too many to list.

The law of attraction

The very basis of the secret itself is the law of attraction, which is at the root of everything that occurs in the Universe. The famous author of the Master Key System, Charles Haanel, described it in 1912 as the law that the system of creation and the whole Universe depends upon. Throughout history the law of attraction has attracted good things to people who thought good thoughts and clearly envisioned what they really wanted, much like Thomas Edison when he saw his inventions so clearly in his mind and never doubted for a moment that they would come into being. And we all know how that turned out.

So, what is the law of attraction?

Much like the attraction between two people of the opposite sex, the law of attraction is the secret to everything we bring into our lives. Like objects attract more of the same, so good feelings that we have attract more good feelings and good things in our lives. Negative feelings, in turn, will attract more negative feelings and negative occurrences.

Learn how to use the law of attraction

The law of attraction can also be likened to a magnetic field. If you hold a magnet to a metal object, like when you put a refrigerator magnet on your fridge, it will stay right where you put it. The law of attraction will attract to you what you want if you continually think positive thoughts of that special thing as if you have already received it and attract it to you as if you were the biggest magnet in the Universe. So, if you think of yourself in that way and replace all bad thoughts with positive good thoughts of already having whatever you really want, you will in time receive it from the Universe.

The law of attraction affirmations

Ask and you will receive and your wish is my command are the buzzwords of the law of attraction and its relationship with the Universe. You can’t get what you want if you don’t ask. Even the Bible will tell you this very same thing. You can’t expect to receive good things in your life if you don’t ask for them. Once you ask or pray for something you really want, you have to believe that you are receiving it. Envisioning it exactly as it will be playing an essential part in your life is an important element of the law of attraction. Rhonda Byrne asked, believed and envisioned making the secret movie although it would cost money that she simply did not have. By envisioning it as a reality, she received the financial resources and help from numerous talented people like herself that were necessary to make the film a reality.

The law of attraction and money

If your wish, like many others, is to receive much needed money, you must think positively about money as a whole. Constant thoughts of a serious lack of money will just keep pushing the money you want further and further away rather than drawing financial benefits to you like a magnet. Again, think of yourself as a magnet and money as paper. Negative thoughts will keep it as a paper form or some other substance, whereas positive thoughts turn that money into a metal object that is drawn to you. It is the law of the universe and it never changes. Think thoughts of being able to afford anything you want. Picture in your mind what you are buying with that money. Do not picture thoughts of not being able to afford anything and never speak those words out loud. Keep thinking positive thoughts of money, ask, believe and receive.

Some law of attraction tips

· Think good thoughts at all times
· When negative thoughts pop up, replace them with positive thoughts
· Be thankful every day
· Make daily lists of what you are thankful for
· Envision what you want as if you already have it
· Make a vision board with pictures of what you want
· Put the word “Believe” everywhere, like on your board, your computer screensaver, above your bed
· Print the secret check from the online site at
· Put checks up over your bed, on your vision board, everywhere
· Download the daily widgets from the above link and read every day on your computer
· Read the book, especially before bed and practice envisioning what you want even while you sleep
· Buy the DVD, watch it and get inspired by it often

So, does the law of attraction work?

Well, besides the many more modern people who have successfully used the secret and the law of attraction, the ancient Babylonians are proof positive that it works since they believed and built the magnificent Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which bears the distinction of being one of the Seven Wonders of the World. There’s also a good chance that the other six were the result of the law of attraction as well. Electricity, gravity, the theory of relativity, freeing the slaves, and the most famous compositions of all time are all the result of believing in the law of attraction, so you be the judge!


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